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Ya Shafi Al Wara Pdf ((FULL)) Download

Ya Shafi Alwara Salam Unalaik with Lyrics and Video in Urdu got fame with voice of famous Syed Fasihudin Soharvardi. Ya Shafi Alwara Salam Unalaik-یا شفیع الواره سلام او یلیکnaat in Urdu can be listened, download, read and share to others. Lyrics of Ya Shafi Alwara Salam Unalaik are also available on naat and many other naats with lyrics are also available here. In this naat Syed Fasihudin Soharvardi tribute to The The Holy prophet muhammad (P.B.U.H) for the forgiveness of their sins and wish reward in shape of blessing. This naat is recorded in studio with soft melodious voice of Syed Fasihudin Soharvardi.

ya shafi al wara pdf download

This Urdu naat is exclusively describes the Ya Shafi Alwara Salam Unalaik and available with out duff. This naat is praised with very Softwith out zikar. Ya Shafi Alwara Salam Unalaikis originally recited by Syed Fasihudin Soharvardi and got fame but now it is available in voice of Syed Fasihudin SoharvardiSoharvardia Foundation.

Ya Shafi Alwara Salam Unalaik lyrics in Urdu/Arabic (یا شفیع الواره سلام او یلیک) Syed Fasihudin Soharvardi is a very Famous naat recite have very peaceful melodious voice touches to the heart of the listeners. Voice of Syed Fasihudin Soharvardi always appreciated by the listeners. He Recite Hamad, Naat ,kalam and manqabat in different languages. You can listen, download and read lyrics in urdu and english online on this best platform of naats.


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