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Our goal is to help your relationship thrive again.


Even the best relationships experience big ups and downs.

My special focus and expertise is couples and marriage counseling. Helping couples break out of the ongoing cycle of hurting and being hurt. I believe in the power of couples therapy to heal, repair, and enhance the future growth of your relationship. 

My work with couples is guided by an evidence-based therapy approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Every relationship experiences distress, especially when that relationship is important to us and we don’t want to lose that person. EFT for couples explores the dynamics and patterns in relationships that contribute to that distress with the goal of changing problematic cycles.

After identifying the negative patterns that the couple typically finds themselves in, an EFT therapist helps explore the underlying thoughts and feelings that impact the relationship and guides the couple in expressing those unsaid thoughts and feelings to their partner. Overall, the goal of EFT is to help couples feel safer and more connected through helping couples have the difficult conversations that can transform their relationship into something more satisfying and meaningful.

Why Participate in Relationship Counseling and Therapy?

There are many reasons why a couple would seek couples therapy to improve their relationship. Attending therapy may help to keep the lines of communication open and other times, couples attend therapy due to a significant change in their relationship.

The following are common scenarios that have brought couples to meet with us for therapy:

  • We just don’t communicate well anymore

  • It feels like we are just occupying the same space

  • We are just going through the motions

  • The occurrence, possibility, or consideration of an affair

  • A declining sex life (or our sex life has changed)

  • No longer able to resolve our differences

  • A building of resentment that one or both of us cannot move past

  • Separating appears to be the only solution

  • We don’t see eye to eye (on one or many issues like finances, social engagements, work, raising children, etc.)

  • We stay together for the kids

  • A desire to strengthen the relationship

  • We need to work through something that has happened

  • I don’t feel like I know this person anymore

  • Everything my partner does seems to annoy me


I’ve worked with many couples to help them get through their difficulties and make their relationships closer and stronger.

couples therapy can help you both:


  • Develop healthy communication skills

  • Become more present in your relationship

  • Have a new awareness of the dynamic that plays out between you

  • Bring romance and caring behaviors back

  • Increase the positives in your relationship

  • Learn to work through issues with less conflict

  • Feel a priority in each other’s life

  • Work through infidelity if you both decide to recommit to the marriage

  • Returning to the joy of deep intimate contact


Is your partner resistant to couples therapy? 


No problem, relationship therapy can be done through individual therapy.  Get in touch today to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation to find out how individual therapy may be able to help your relationship.

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