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Individual counseling

anxiety  /  depression  /  relationship  /  mood  regulation  /  parenting  /  career

Successful communication, connection, and need fulfillment, whether in an intimate relationship, or in our individual lives, all contribute to our experience of joy and contentment.  Nonetheless, we may at times find ourselves distanced from the happiness we desire by conflict, frustration and unfulfilled goals.
In my work with clients for individual therapy and counseling, it is essential to understand how habits of the present, and their relation to the past, may be impeding happiness and growth. Ultimately, during individual counseling we will seek to deconstruct established patterns of behavior and build new ones based upon mutual trust and respect.



  • feel less anxious or depressed

  • become more confident in yourself

  • gain clarity, awareness, and new insights 

  • discover ways to reconnect with your partner or loved ones

  • heal past hurts so you can create a happy future

  • learn to live authentically

  • reestablish a healthy life balance

  • establish healthy boundaries

  • feel more empowered and in control of your life

  • bring joy and happiness back into your experience 

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