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Baltimore Couples Therapy

 Bringing care to relationships

Mark Napolitano LCPC Baltimore Couples Therapy

Relationship is My Area of Expertise


I believe strongly and passionately in helping to understand, heal, and enhance relationships for couples, individuals, and families.

All the good things in life, joy, confidence, fulfillment, flow from secure relationships. They can inoculate us against fear and sadness, or when faltering, contribute to it. We all deserve to be understood, accepted, and feel appreciated, and I know that when our relationships are sound we thrive. From this intention, all of my professional training has been dedicated to understanding the contentment and challenges of relationship, for couples, individuals, and families.

I'll Meet You Where You Are

My approach is patient, warm, and expressive. I’m comfortable with humor, frustration or tears. Even if they happen all at the same time. Our work together will progress along with you. There's no fast track to relationship health, yet the more we're able be open to the role we ourselves play, the closer we'll get. I utilize thoroughly researched based methods, to understand patterns that develop over time, and how individual histories can hijack your life and relationship.


Let's get unstuck and learn how to choose a different path toward our partner and ourselves. We can gain back control over this, and I'll be there to help you get where you want to go.

Let's Connect & Talk


I know how important this is to you. You shouldn’t have to wait any longer. If you’re ready to jump in, take action and make some real changes, get in touch, and we can schedule a phone consultation or an initial first session so you can decide if my approach can work for you.

Let's work together to overcome these challenges. You don't have to figure this out alone.


I look forward to speaking with you.


Warmest regards,   Mark

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Individual Therapy

individual therapy

During individual counseling we will seek to deconstruct established patterns of behavior and build new ones based upon mutual trust and support.

Premarital counseling

premarital counseling

The process of premarital counseling fosters the ability for a couple to talk about issues they may have been avoiding in order to find clearity and develop mutual support.

Coaching for Men

couples counseling

I will help you to identify the negative cycle you may be caught in and will provide you with new ways to communicate your desires effectively without resorting to conflict.

coaching for men

With the current social environment, it has become increasingly apparent that men can benefit from having a confidential, private space to explore the rapidly changing dynamics of what it means to be a man in today’s society, particularly within relationships.

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