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premarital Counseling

The process of premarital counseling fosters the ability for a couple to talk about an issue they may have been avoiding. This is exactly why premarital counseling is so important. It’s great to work through issues now, with a therapist who can help you communicate, so the issue doesn’t grow to something that will be harmful later on.

In the unstructured scenario, couples will be asked to share specific issues they are struggling with and/or want to work on. The counselor will then help the couple address and resolve these issues. These typically involve differences with communication, children, extended family expectations, finances, and work/life balance forecasting.

Benefits of premarital counseling
  • Successfully transition from being a dating couple to a married couple

  • Increase confidence in your ability to overcome future challenges

  • Heal existing relational wounds/disagreements

  • Feel close and connected amidst the stress of wedding planning

  • Have a joint plan for and vision of your marriage

If marriage or cohabitation is on the horizon for your relationship, and your interested in understanding your partner more deeply, then reach out. Inoculate your relationship and avoid potential future pitfalls.

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