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Buy Beeswax Pellets ##BEST##

Our beeswax pastilles possess all of the same beneficial properties as our blocks of beeswax. These pastilles, sometimes known as pellets, have a deep golden color and a honey-like aroma. The average dimension of each pastille is 3 mm.

buy beeswax pellets

Our beeswax pastilles are sometimes sourced globally and often come from countries in South America and Africa. In these locations villagers rely on early techniques of processing beeswax, which can employ open fire pits used to melt and process the honeycomb. Due to this, the beeswax pastilles can occasionally take on a smoky note.

Our all natural yellow beeswax pearls are 100% pure and are filtered to be free of debris. Our wholesale yellow beeswax granules are great for their ease of use but still maintain the characteristic aroma and color that beeswax is known for. You will find them much easier to work with than traditional blocks. This version is very popular in candles.

Our white beeswax pearls have been filtered and the color has been naturally removed to create an incredibly clean white appearance while maintaining the natural beeswax smell. Our wholesale white beeswax granules are incredibly easy to work with which is the benefit to using the pearls. Because of the refinement this was is typically better for lip balm and personal product that require a product that is more refined. It may also be good for candles that are using color since the yellow tint will not interfere with the coloring process.

Our White Filtered Beeswax Pellets have been decolorized and filtered to remove impurities and aroma, and pelletized for use in cosmetics and personal care formulations. The color may vary from white to off white. Beeswax is suitable for use in creams, lotions, balms, body butters and other formulations where rigidity or body are required. It lends emollient, softening properties to your products and works as a humectant. When added to soap, beeswax lends hardness and resistance to melting. In candle making, pure beeswax candles are better for the environment than paraffin candles. Beeswax also acts as an emulsifier when combined at the right proportions with with Borax.

We source only the finest raw beeswax from our long-standing relationships with beekeepers throughout the United States. We carefully inspect the quality of everything we receive. Then we transform the raw beeswax into pure, clean beeswax pellets in a totally chemical free process at our own facility in South Dakota.

Our Pure White Beeswax has a naturally sweet, and mild aroma and a soft white color. Beeswax pellets are very easy to use and melt, with no large blocks of beeswax to cut. Great for DIY Projects like skin care products, lotions, candle making, furniture polish and so much more.

Natural Beeswax Pastilles are perfect for using in moisturizing products, including lip balm, lotion, and soaps. It can be mixed with coconut oil, almond oil, and other natural ingredients to achieve premium skin care products. It is your beeswax!

Due to beeswax being a natural product, it is not uncommon to find remnants of the hive in the form of debris or sediment. This does not affect its overall quality, nor does it affect it's performance in any way.

Use this beeswax as a natural alternative to regular cheese wax. We recommend mixing a small amount of oil to the wax to prevent it from cracking once dried onto your cheese. This beeswax comes in the form of natural white pellets. It is 100% natural and premium quality. Melt the pellets, mix in some oil and then either dip your cheese into the wax or brush the wax onto the cheese and allow to dry on a wire rack.

Beeswax pellets can be used in making lip balms and body care products. The pellets are easy to portion and melt faster than chunks of beeswax. We have both yellow and white beeswax pellets so just let us know which you prefer.

Small family apiaries take great care in tending to their bees and producing the most sensational beeswax. By buying directly from our apiary, you can be assured that you are getting the best beeswax for sale.

When you buy directly from us, you have the opportunity to develop a personal connection with the person and the bees which produced the beeswax. This allows you to guarantee the integrity of your final product by being so close to the source.

Beeswax produced in the United States is subject to regulations and inspections that ensure it meets certain quality standards. Imported beeswax sold on large distribution websites isn't subjected to the same analysis resulting in a poor and questionable product.

This natural beeswax comes in convenient and easy-to-use pellets. The uniform size allows for even and quick melting, which makes it ideal for candle-making. No chemicals are used in the bleaching and deodorizing process. It's exposed to thin layers of air, sunlight, and moisture instead. Only the finest bee-combs are selected, resulting in a consistent, high quality beeswax.

Most white beeswax is full of harmful chemicals because it is bleached to remove all color and scent! Our White Beeswax Pellets are naturally whitened by exposing it to the sun, air and moisture in thin layers. This lightens the color, while still preserving all its natural benefits. Finding a certified organic, raw, and pure white beeswax is like finding a unicorn- unique and exactly what you need!

Beeswax Pellets are great for DIY recipes around the house like making your own furniture polish to remove chemicals from your surfaces. These beeswax pellets are also cosmetic grade so now you can finally try out that soap recipe you saw online! Ditch your plastic wrap and make your own beeswax food wraps with these beeswax pellets and our jojoba oil and pine resin.

Why is beeswax such a critical addition to your cosmetics? It has the ability to lock in moisture, making your skin and hair hydrated all day long. It also has antibacterial properties that are perfect for combating acne in your soaps and lotions. This also prevents bacteria from contaminating your food when you make homemade beeswax food wraps.

Perfect for DIY projects, our beeswax is formed into small pellets for a faster melt time, making it much easier than cutting a large block. Small pellets also make for easier measuring to get the correct amount needed for your recipes. You will have a wide range of recipes you can try without any of the added color that yellow beeswax might add.

Melt your beeswax, coconut oil, and shea or mango butter in a double boiler on medium heat. Once these are melted stir in your Vitamin E Oil. Remove from heat and mix in your favorite essential oil(s). Pour into silicone molds and let harden. Enjoy

Melt your beeswax pellets, coconut oil, and shea butter in a double boiler on medium heat. Remove from heat and mix in your essential oil(s). Immediately fill your lip balm containers and let harden. Enjoy!

Natural Beeswax comes from honey worker bees located in beehives. China is a major exporter of beeswax, but beeswax can be acquired from India as well. Beeswax can be yellow or white. White is better for mixing into other products as to not change the color so you can add your own. Otherwise, there is no discernable difference between the two.

Natural Beeswax is fantastic for candle making as well as mixing into your DIY products. Beeswax works well when mixed with butters and some carrier oils. It can help with moisturizing and hydrating your skin, relieving itchiness, and reduce inflammation of the skin. Using beeswax in your hair, it can help improve the luster of your hair.

Our refined beeswax in beaded form is great in all cosmetic and personal care products as well as natural candle making. A natural emulsifier and texturizer in lotions, soaps, lip balms, lip glosses, salves, candles etc. This bees wax has been cleaned, refined, and filtered, and is a cosmetic grade beeswax. The beeswax is refined to remove any impurities, then shaped into small pellets for easy use. This Beeswax is natural and are refined through physical processes. The natural wax is melted and filtered to remove its scent and color, which may vary from white to off-white. Beeswax is used in formulations of creams, lotions, ointments, lip balms , lipgloss, pomades, emulsions, cold creams & salves.

For candle making, beeswax burns cleaner and longer than petroleum-based paraffin waxes. It does not smoke as with petroleum-based paraffin. Made of 100% pure refined beeswax, this slow-burning wax is preferred when making aromatherapy-grade candles.

Organic Yellow Beeswax Pellets come from the most natural honeycomb of honeybees. They are in the form of pellets or beads. It has a mild and natural aroma that smells like honey. Yellow Beeswax pellets release positive ions when it is burned which helps to purify the air. It does not produce soot or black smoke when it is combusted. Our all natural yellow bees wax pearls are 100% pure and are filtered to be free of debris.

Our yellow beeswax pellets can be used as a thickening agent, or emulsifier. Pellets of Yellow Beeswax have anti-allergic and healing properties. It is used in many cosmetic products, skincare products, hair care products, lip balm, and beauty care products. It is also widely used in candle making, furniture polishing as well for crafts and DIYs. Yellow Beeswax can be heated and reused for different purposes. 041b061a72


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