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Under the Stars

For Your Best Relationship

Couples & Individuals

None of us, when we fall in love, imagine how difficult our relationship may be.


We always hope for the best, then do our best, and still we can find that we can get stranded in problems that we don’t really understand.


We can unwittingly get into distressing lose-lose negative cycles, and not know how to get out of them.

This is perfectly understandable because most of us haven’t been taught how to have a great relationship. We’re just doing the best we know how.

There is a very complex blend of science and art in creating great relationships, and this is both my passion and specialty. I'd like to share this with you.

I wish to provide you with the insight into patterns you inadvertently find yourself in, that have caused hurt and confusion for you both. Eventually you can start taking steps towards the relationship you want, creating an emotional safe haven for each other and more authentic intimacy.


How I Can Help

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Hi, I'm Mark

When I look at how we all live our lives the common denominator is always relationship; with our partners, family, and most importantly ourselves. As humans, we are hardwired to want (and need) to connect. It's what allows us to thrive. However, over time we can develop a reflexive pattern with our partner, or family members, that inhibits the ease and satisfaction we once had.
This is where I've combined my skills and training to help. I specialize in healing and improving relationship in all facets of one's life, be they partnered, personal, or professional.
With more support and gentle guidance you can be more present and courageous in your life, and your relationships.
See how I can help.

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