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Security System Demo

As part of my security camera system upgrade, I replaced the older generation analog CCTV DVR with the latest generation 4K iDVR-PRO recorder. This is the DVR that I used to make the above video demo and the one that I will keep in place at my house.

security system demo

Check out this demo using on of our new Viewtron AI security cameras. These IP cameras have built-in artificial intelligence functions for car detection, people detection, face match detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition (LPR), and automatic number plate recognition, ANPR) .

Schedule a demo to see firsthand how Art Sentry can help prevent unwanted touches, serving as an essential companion to your museum security team.If you need a better artwork security system to ensure the longevity of a beautiful artifact or prevent damage to one-of-a-kind collections, we can show you how our camera-based motion detection security system works to protect priceless artifacts. 041b061a72


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