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My name is Thomas Jessel and I'm a big and tall, ruggedly handsome young black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I attend the University of Dale down in Boston. I'm one of many commuter students from neighboring Massachusetts towns who attend that school. It's a fairly decent institution. It's the setting of my current adventures. I'm a registered Democrat and this right here is the story of what my friends and I did to celebrate the night America elected a black man as its forty fourth president.

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The University of Dale is the best school in America in my opinion. Located in the heart of Boston. Eleven thousand students. The student body is fifty percent female and fifty nine percent male. African-Americans make up thirty percent of the student population. Latinos make up twenty percent. Asians make up ten percent. Caucasians make up the remaining forty percent. That's mighty cool in my book. Diversity is a beautiful thing. There are twenty five dormitory buildings available to us, and they're each capable of housing about three hundred students. Surprisingly affordable tuition, too. Only seventeen grand a year for in-state students. Out of state students pay an additional four grand. And it's a private school, if you can believe that. For a poor but smart young black guy from Brockton, it's the perfect school. Hell, they gave me a full academic scholarship. I'm very grateful.

Yeah, the college campus had its appeal. However, what I really loved about it is the fact that it's the most liberal school in the country. The students were overwhelmingly democratic and most of them supported a certain gentleman from Illinois in his quest for the White House. As a young black man attending the college, I can't tell you how happy that made me. Along with thousands of my peers, I went to vote and lo and behold, it actually worked. The good guys won for once. A black man became president of the United States of America.

Yeah, I was hanging out in my friend's dormitory on the Back Bay on Tuesday night when the news came in that a black man had become our president elect. My buddy Anderson Clicquot was ecstatic. He's a six-foot-three, light-skinned young black man I've known for ages. We used to go to Brockton Community High School together. He played soccer and I played football. Just two athletically inclined young Haitian men who happened to be best friends. He plays on the Men's Soccer team for Dale University. His girlfriend and fellow-student athlete Crystal Benoit was there as well. She's a tall, busty and big-bottomed young Haitian-American woman he's been dating since he arrived at the school. She's the captain of the Women's Rugby team. Crystal and I haven't always gotten along but I know she loves Anderson and makes him happy. That's what matters, I guess.

My main squeeze Sarah Saint Preux was there as well. She's a tall, thick-bodied, dark-skinned young black woman with the biggest booty I've ever seen. She's on the Women's Wrestling Squad. I like women wrestlers. Especially the big ones. They're alright in my book. We met in my business psychology class sophomore year and we've been together ever since. Unbeknownst to anyone except maybe our close circle of friends is the fact that Sarah Saint Preux is a pre-op Male To Female Transsexual. She has a hot woman's body, but the working genitals of a well-endowed man. For a bisexual black stud like myself, she is the perfect partner.

Yeah, we were in a celebratory mood. How this turned into an orgy I'll never know. I mean, one moment I was lying on the couch, watching TV next to my girlfriend and the next, she was kneeling in front of me and getting ready to start sucking my dick. It's funny how stuff like that happens. I didn't protest, of course. I'm always down with the fun stuff. Sarah began sucking my cock and balls like her life depended on it. My woman is wild, folks. She's always ready to get down. What surprised me was the fact that my buddy Anderson was getting similar action from his luscious lady Crystal.

Yeah, it seems we brothers were getting our dicks sucked by our eager girlfriends. If there is a better way to celebrate a victory, I haven't found it yet folks. As Sarah licked my shaft and fondled my nuts, I gently stroked the back of her head. Man, this was turning out to be one great night. I thrust my cock down Sarah's throat. I winked at my buddy Anderson, who was grinning widely as his girlfriend Crystal licked his big hairy black balls. I could tell the dude was enjoying himself and honestly, what man wouldn't, under the circumstances? Yeah, that's what I thought.

When Wednesday morning finally came, it found us lying in a tangled heap of bodies. We woke up to a brand new world. A world where anything is possible. Sexually. Politically. Humanly. I looked at Sarah and smiled. She woke up, moving about the dorm in all of her naked glory. A tall, busty black woman with a thick, sexy body, a big round ass and a swinging dick. She was perfect. I loved her the way she is. Anderson and Crystal joined us for breakfast. We were the best of friends. All four of us. Two out-of-the-ordinary black couples. Two bisexual black college sportsmen in relationships with two black college sportswomen. One of whom was secretly a transsexual. What a strange, wonderful world we live in! I'm happy to be in it, folks.

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