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I Soliti Ignoti Vent'anni Dopo Subtitles English

Big Deal on Madonna Street (Italian: I soliti ignoti; released in the UK as Persons Unknown) is a 1958 Italian comedy caper film directed by Mario Monicelli[1] and considered to be among the masterpieces of Italian cinema. Its original Italian title literally translates as "the usual unknown ones", which is roughly equivalent to the English phrase "the usual suspects". The name of the Roman street in the English title is a slight mistranslation, as the Italian name of the fictional Roman street on which the midnight burglary in the film takes place is the Via delle Madonne ("The Street of the Madonnas") rather than "Madonna Street". Compounding the confusion is the fact that the real Roman street on which the scene was filmed is the Via delle tre cannelle ("The Street of the Three Spouts"), rather than the Via delle tre Madonne ("The Street of the Three Madonnas").

I soliti ignoti vent'anni dopo subtitles English

A sequel directed by Nanni Loy titled Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti (also known as Fiasco in Milan or Hold-up à la Milanaise) followed in 1960, reuniting the entire main cast, aside from Totò and Mastroianni.

Another sequel was released in 1985, directed by Amanzio Todini and titled I Soliti ignoti vent'anni dopo (known in English-speaking countries as Big Deal After 20 Years; it was released by Koch Lorber on DVD in the United States as Big Deal on Madonna Street - 20 Years Later). 041b061a72


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