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Unlike other games that we have seen, this game does not require you to solve a case and be able to use your knowledge or the talent of others to crack that case. What youll find in Crack Burglar is a different experience. We have a crime scene, we have a number of clues in the form of objects and note cards, and we have the tools at our disposal. We solve the mystery, but we dont need to solve the case.

CRYO-HELIX solves the final problem in this one. Its a bit of a touchstone of the success of Leor-Tracks. Every task you complete, be it cracking a safe or lifting a pawn, can be done by simply talking to items that can be interact with in their place. Trays of paperwork and urns can be moved, elevators can be pressed for use, floors can be typed on, and security guards can be talked to. No pen and paper necessary.


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