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Htc One S Hboot 2.16 Download __HOT__

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Htc One S Hboot 2.16 Download __HOT__

Hi guys, im running cyanogenmod recovery on a bootloader on my one s ( HD71912 ) the first thing i wanted to get working was on gsm connection and on Wi-fi i use to connect a little app called taskraider through bluetooth for my headless connected device to connect to my desktop for music streaming, anyways i need to run updates and i cant as i dont know how to gain root access. I tried superboot and that did not do the trick, i figured out a way to use command line but i need root access to use command line. I need to be able to use adb and fastboot to do that. i do have a good idea of what this entails i just need to do it one time right. I have an idea of how to get root but just cant get through the app permission during instal. Ive seen people say to use this command while doing a factory reset, I dont want to do that to my phone, i just want to get root access to do it then after that i can do a factory reset. I just need to know how to get root using command line and then it should be easy. Im running Cyanogenmod recovery. Im running on google fit as i need to be able to track my distance with that, also i need to be able to set goals for my daily average, basically i cant run the app, and i need it to be something that does not have to be re-installed just downloaded to the phone. Thank you for your help!

I wanted to update the HBOOT so I used the SPL from xda and then flashing the hboot over top of that. Now I can't turn on my phone for some reason. I can't see anything on my screen, except for the HTC logo in the top left corner. I also can't get it to turn on. I hold the power button for about 10 seconds and it goes off, but then right after it goes off it turns back on. The only way to turn it off is to go into fastboot and shutdown option. Then i have to pull the battery out, and put it back in to turn it back on. If anyone has any idea of what's going on I would be glad to hear it. I have tried everything from flashing hboot directly to flashing a version of the rom with no hboot image but I can't get it to work. I've been trying all night, and today. 3d9ccd7d82


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