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Mi Band Charger Buy

I bought new Gotcha classic, but I guess it's some newer version, because it have even battery status indicator on display. Problem is that after small accident my charger is broken. So I am thinking about buying new Mi Band charger, but I am not sure if this newer version of classic is still compatible with Mi Band 1 charger. Do someone know, which Mi Band version charger is best for newer gotcha classic?

mi band charger buy

Luckily, the straps are relatively affordable in every region of the world. You can find replacement bands for your respective Mi Band via Amazon below. You can also read our guide to learn how to remove and replace the Mi Band strap.

A few days ago a rather big leak suggested that the upcoming Mi Band 5 from Xiaomi will be a feature-packed smart band with plenty of improvements such as a bigger 1.2" screen. Well, some of the rumors are kind of confirmed with the live images that just surfaced.

The seemingly live photos of the band reveal a sensibly bigger screen than before along with a new charger, which is now with a "plug-in" type of design. The body itself doesn't seem to have changed all that much except that it looks flatter than before. It could be due to the angle of the photos, but the curves don't seem all that pronounced compared to the Mi Band 4.

The Xiaomi 120W measures 55 x 55 x 28.4 mm (86 cc), weighs 138 g and achieves an industry-leading power density of 1.4 W/cc. Two NV6134 GaNFast power ICs with GaNSense technology are used in the 120W charger; one in the front-end boost power-factor correction (PFC) section, and the other in the downstream high-frequency quasi-resonant (HFQR) DC-DC stage, using a high-speed, low-profile planar transformer. 041b061a72


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